Custom Engineered Assembly Machines

Types of systems include:

  • Automotive sub assemblies systems
  • Consumer product assembly systems
  • Electrical component assembly systems
  • Industrial product assembly systems
  • Pharmaceutical devise assembly systems

Case Study Videos

application Brief Library

Metal Vane Insertion Machine

Metal vanes were being assembled by hand. Pieper Automation designed and built a machine to automatically assemble vanes to flat impeller plates at a rate of 300 impellers per hour.
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Battery 7 Station Assembly

Pieper Automation designed and built a seven (7) station battery assembly cell. Existing customer equipment and technology was also utilized in order to obtain a cost-effective solution.
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Coupling Assembly & Packaging

A full split sprinkler coupling was assembled with a seal, two bolts, and two nuts, and then packaged into a carton.
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Eight Station Bonded Gasket

Pieper Automation was contracted to design and build an Eight Station Bonded Gasket Assembly Machine to automatically bond a pre-glued paper gasket to both sides of a steel plate.
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