Custom Robotic Systems

Robots allow you to increase throughput and help protect your employees against dangerous conditions. Robotic systems may include:
  • Case packing
  • Complex robotic assembly
  • End of arm tooling
  • Palletizing/De-palletizing
  • Pick and place
  • Vision guided robots

Case Study Videos

application Brief Library

Endcap Welder

Pieper Automation designed & built a machine to automatically take an individual nail, grommet and endcap and produce an assembly that has the nail welded to the negative endcap. Production rate is 30 assemblies per minute.
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Wheel Palletizing Cell

Pieper Automation was contracted to design and develop a palletizing cell for top coated wheels. Simple and reliable roller conveyors are used. The palletizing cell handles two lines of wheels at the rate of 1000 wheels per hour.
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Medallion Vision Inspection

Pieper Automatioin's customer desired to reduce labor cost and improve quality by inspecting and loading a blanking press automatically. The process is capable of 17 assemblies per minute.
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