inspection and testing systems

HiTech has extensive experience in implementing inspection and testing systems. Often, an inspection and testing system requires additional mechanical functionality. This may include a part positioning system and a part reject system. We have the capability to provide a complete system that includes both mechanical and electrical needs.
  • Label and date verification
  • Food product size, shape and quality
  • Package integrity
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Product count confirmation
  • Air flow and pressure parameters, leakage
  • Component presence/absence

Case Study Videos

application Brief Library

Hub Assembly & Inspection

HiTech worked on a concept and was consequently contracted to build and integrate automation machinery with a molding machine that doubled the current production volume.
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Pail Rotation

HiTech designed and built an automated pail rotation system, including a vision camera, lighting, servomotor driven clamp, pail rotation belts and a control enclosure.
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Medallion Vision Inspection

HiTech’s customer desired to reduce labor cost and improve quality by inspecting and loading a blanking press automatically. The process is capable of 17 assemblies per minute.
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Workstation Assembly

HiTech was contracted to design and build a workstation made of extruded aluminum with a solid aluminum top/work surface to assemble 1.5 inch and 2 inch E-Series Water Meters 
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Pizza Tray Inspection

HiTech designed and built an inspection system to detect when microwave trays were missing from pizza packaging capable of basic inspections at very high speeds.
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