Thermal Imaging

Dave Thode

Inspection of Casting Dies

HiTech has implemented another successful thermal imaging system! 

This application was done for a die-cast foundry.


Two FLIR A615 cameras are used to inspect a pair of casting dies after they have been sprayed and before the mold is closed.  The temperature of multiple locations on the dies are monitored to make certain they are within acceptable ranges in order to provide the best quality casting.  Multiple recipes are included in order to accommodate multiple casting die pairs.  Images and temperature information is stored to a database in order to provide traceability information for each finished product.  Liquid cooled stainless enclosures were used to ensure safe operating temperatures for the cameras as well as protect them from steam and oil.


·       Troubleshooting tool for die casting cooling process

·       Eliminates die casts defects that are not visible to the eye (casting integrity)

·       Data collection provides part traceability to verify die temperature ranges for a casting

·       Return on investment in only a few months







A615Camera.jpg  CT_Image_Thermobild_PreSpray_Fix_s.jpg  diecast2.jpg 

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