Penny Duggan

Thermal Imaging

Did you know HiTech is an authorized integrator and distributor for FLIR non-contact temperature measurement products?  FLIR is a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging systems.  FLIR sensors provide fast, non-contact temperature readings and can be used where automatic monitoring and control are required.  FLIR has a very wide portfolio of products and HiTech integrates FLIR products that are complementary to our engineering solutions. 


 Machine vision cameras are uniquely capable of obtaining thermal images and using traditional image analysis software like Cognex VisionPro or MVTec Halcon.  Image analysis software provides a full complement of software analysis tools for machine vision to be applied to a thermal image.  HiTech has been integrating machine vision systems for over 25 years and is excited to have this as part of our portfolio of vision solutions. 

Automation sensors are configured using FLIR software to monitor regions of the image and transmit the information to other equipment, such as PLC’s.  The Rockwell Automation Logix series processors have add-on-profiles that allow the AX8 and A310 to communicate directly using Ethernet/IP.  Both platforms are also compliant with Modbus TCP and have on-board discrete I/O available.

Most people are familiar with FLIR’s standalone sensors, which are self-contained units meant to be used without any peripheral equipment. 


HiTech provides complete engineered solutions using a wide range of FLIR machine vision and automation cameras. 
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