The Automation Team of Pieper Electric, Inc. will be Branded as Pieper Automation

Dave Thode

As you may be aware, Pieper Electric, Inc. acquired HiTech in June of 2016.  Since then, the automation team has doubled in size and is now one of the largest automation integrators in the Midwest, boasting a team of over 100 professionals - and still growing.  Visit our new webpage at or email us at to discuss a project.


Effective January 1st, 2019 the automation team of Pieper Electric, Inc. will be branded as Pieper Automation.  Our automation teams have been unified and functioning as one since 2016, and our brand will now appropriately represent that unified front.

We are always providing new services and areas of expertise - but here is what will not change:


  • You will continue to work with the same people within our firm you have in the past.
  • We will continue to operate from our current offices.
  • Our fee structure will not change.
  • Our accounting remains the same.
  • The services we have provided you in the past will continue to be offered.

Our mission is to get the right people, working together in the right place, at the right time.  Our Pieper Automation team promise to you is “We Always Find a Way”.