From standard systems to an innovative, “first-of-its-kind” solution, Pieper Automation excels in designing multiple types of inspection systems.

Applications include:

  • Package seal integrity
  • Missing/Misplaced product
  • Registration control
  • Label verification
  • Precision non-contact dimensional gauging

Types of systems include:

  • Bar code
  • 2D & 3D vision
  • Thermal
  • RFID
  • X-Ray

Case Study Videos

   Application Brief Library


Medallion Vision Inspection

Pieper Automation customer desired to reduce labor cost and improve quality by inspecting and loading a blanking press automatically. The process is capable of 17 assemblies per minute.
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Pizza Tray Inspection

Pieper Automation designed and built an inspection system to detect when microwave trays were missing from pizza packaging capable of basic inspections at very high speeds.
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Hub Assembly & Inspection

Pieper Automation worked on a concept and was consequently contracted to build and integrate automation machinery with a molding machine that doubled the current production volume.
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Thermal Imaging

 In the Die Cast Industry it is critical to make certain the dies are kept in the proper temperature range to ensure the final integrity of the casting meets functional requirements.
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