Preliminary Engineering services

Estimates for project costs and final delivery are more predictable when a key proportion of the engineering is completed prior to project execution. The Preliminary Engineering Services allow for accurate funding grade estimates so your project, concept development, functional specifications and scope are well defined. Our services include:

Feasibility Studies

Return on investment is key to project success. Pieper Automation can give you an up-front, big-picture view of the cost involved vs. potential returns. System modeling can also be used to determine system requirements, predict system performance and calculate process input, outputs and throughput rates. We’ll work with you to bring the data and justification together so your management can fully understand investment tradeoffs, risks and payback scenarios.

Site Surveys

A site visit can help determine the exact requirements for project implementation. This is a cost-effective way to identify physical constraints and integration requirements, and to work with your team to determine the right solution. Pieper Automation can help orchestrate all aspects of a site survey.

Field Documentation

Pieper Automation has executed many projects that require a site visit in order to provide current, “as built” documentation. Services range from drawing “red line” markups to complete documentation packages of existing equipment.

Safety Evaluations

Safety is a requirement when implementing solutions in today’s manufacturing environment. Pieper Automation uses robust analysis tools to ensure the appropriate level of safety is being applied to your solution. A safety assessment and an action plan are provided to address any related issues.

Equipment Layouts

Pieper Automation has the expertise to provide equipment layouts to optimize your floor space and address your operational needs. We evaluate each option with your team to determine the layout that best meets your system constraints.

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Preliminary Engineering Services

A manufacturing customer was seeking alternative methods of palletizing and wrapping products in order to increase product volume coming from a second plant.
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