Support Services

HiTech’s success is built on our customers’ success. We go above and beyond to provide support services that meet your demands and exceed your expectations.


HiTech provides complete installation services for electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, data and control systems. We work with our suppliers and customers to make sure installations are successful.


HiTech is onsite to verify control systems, equipment start-up and the entire operational process against performance targets.


HiTech will work closely with you to ensure all education and training materials yield the results you desire. Our team of professionals has extensive control systems experience, along with the skills to educate and train your personnel specifically on your equipment.

Remote Support

Costly air travel is no longer a requirement of ongoing support. Our objective is to train your staff so they can maintain the HiTech installed system over time. However, we realize there may be occasions when our support is necessary. In those cases, we have solutions and tools to provide remote support – without the high cost of travel. That can save you time and money.

Customer Engineering Team Enhancement

If you have a “hole” in your staffing plan, HiTech can provide a resource based on the required skill set you need. We can provide this resource for any project size or project need.

Case Study Videos

Application Brief Library

Instrumentation Training

A customer was in the process of integrating the electric and instrument shops into one, and HiTech was contracted to perform training services.
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PLC Training

HiTech provided PLC training for a pulp and paper company on a PLC program conversion for a large roll wrapline.
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